Who am I?

Good question.  My name is Amy Fenster Brown.  What started as a website to feature my sweets & treats turned into pictures and blogs about some of my day-to-day musings and experiences... from my crazy kids to my awesome husband , caring for aging parents, feeding my cravings while living with Celiac Disease, and finding inspiration from other blogs.  It's nice to say all of that, but this website is probably just a manifestation of my desire to make sure people like me.

Why We Do It

People who knew me before I was a wife and mother are usually surprised when I tell them about Brown Sugar Baking. Turns out, once I got pregnant I became everything I used to mock. I wanted to make cute, kid-friendly treats so one day my children would show up at school with awesome baked goods that their classmates would love. My mind was filled with images of decorated cookies on sticks, cupcakes smothered in pink sprinkles, confections that looked like every kid’s dream! Weird, but it was like I HAD to do it. Maybe because my mom always did that stuff for my sister and me. She made all our birthday cakes and they were super fun works of art. I remember watching her make fancy flowers out of frosting, a wedding cake for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary, and a cake shaped like a telephone for my sister’s birthday. She dug all her old cake decorating tools out of the basement and gave them to me. I took one Wilton cake decorating class and my inner cake decorator was born… with a much easier and less dramatic labor than my actual children. I have two of them… 4 year old Davis and 3 year old Leo. My husband Jeff is a big fan of my passion for baking and messing up the kitchen.